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Lowongan Kerja Cikande Serang PT Fortuna Inti Talenta

Lowongan Kerja PT Fortuna Inti Talenta. A new glass processor company, placed at Cikande, Serang. Providing various kind of glass per job order as ordered by project, retail or export. We supply architectural glass & furniture glass. Processed with tempered, laminated, bending, insulating & many more

Admin Gudang


  • Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor's Degree in any field.
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English
  • At least 1 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Ms. Office, SAP, ERP, 5R, ISO
  • Preferably Less than 1 year experience specialized in Logistics/Supply Chain or equivalent.
  • meticulous & attention to detail
  • communicative, discipline & can work under pressure of tight deadline
  • handling adminstration for logistic warehouse and controlling material & sparepart used

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Ditayangkan: 11-May-2018
Tutup pada 10-June-2018

Lowongan Kerja Cikande Serang PT Fortuna Inti Talenta

Lowongan Kerja Serpong Tangerang PT Centa Brasindo Abadi Chemical Industry

PT. CBA Chemical Industry adalah produsen spesialis bahan kimia, dengan portofolio utama dalam memproduksi bahan kimia pertanian. Kami bangga untuk mengambil bagian dalam program pemerintah ini untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan petani dengan memberikan kualitas tinggi serta produk agrokimia yang kompetitif.


Our vision is becoming Asia’ leading and sustainable agricultural products company, and our mission is providing quality consistent and cost efficient products. To achieve the vision and mission, CBA is doing the best effort to keep up with the latest technology, upgrading the Human Recourses Quality, and consistently do the research and development on the products.

Finance Staff


Requirements :

  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Comes from a reputable university
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Economics,Finance/Accountancy/Banking,Business Studies/Administration/Management, Marketing or equivalent.
  • Fresh Graduate are welcome
  • Required skill(s): Finance Analyst, Fast Learning, Work Under Pressure, Mathematical Economics, Team Work.
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia & English
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Gading Serpong,Tangerang.
  • Domicile in Tangerang and the surrounding area
  • Full-Time position(s) available.
  • Memiliki Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP)

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Ditayangkan: 11-May-2018
Tutup pada 10-June-2018

Lowongan Kerja Serpong Tangerang PT Centa Brasindo Abadi Chemical Industry

Lowongan Kerja PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia Untuk SMU Lokasi Tangerang

Lowongan Kerja PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia Untuk SMU Lokasi Tangerang. We, Hino, keep providing our customers with products and services that include quality, reliability, efficiency and satisfaction. Supported by reliable after sales service all over Indonesia, we provide valuable investment for Hino owners.

As a leading company in developing advanced trucks and buses, we are the pioneer in producing environmental friendly vehicles. Therefore since January 2007, all models in Hino Indonesia line up are powered by EURO2 engine.


Working at Hino
Your opportunity to explore and contribute your potensials starts here. Team up with people from different background with diverse culture with one goal : Hino - "Move to the next stage".

What to expect
You are challenged to contribute both individually and collectively, our ambition means that we cultivate you to perform to your potentials.
Although we have a high expectations, our belief in respect and integrity is number one. Considering each and every idea from our employee is important to ensure they are the most valuable assets in the company

Whats in it for me ?
Our growing organization provides you professional development opportunities and chance to be part of its history as one of the big players in the automotive industry.



  • Mejalankan aktivitas repair dan maintenance kendaraan sesuai dengan work order
  • Melakukan perawatan alat - alat kerja
  • Menjaga kebersihan area kerja dan menjalankan aktivitas 5S
  • Job Qualification :
  • Pendidikan minimal SMU atau Diploma Teknik Otomotif
  • Terbuka untuk fresh graduate
  • Skill yang dibutuhkan: Basic Automotive, Preventive Maintenance

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Ditayangkan: 09-May-2018
Tutup pada 08-June-2018

Lowongan Kerja PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia Untuk SMU Lokasi Tangerang

Lowongan Kerja Untuk SMA PT Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah Serang Banten

Lowongan Kerja Untuk SMA PT Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah Serang Banten. PT. Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah has been successful on completing various projects in engineering, procurement and construction. No matter how remote and challenging the locations of projects are, SSA has been showing its professionalism by effectively executing the projects. Whether it is a commercial initiative or a secure government project, We Deliver solutuins that fulfills the needs of each customer.

We offer innovative, on-time and under budget work regardless of the size and scope of a project. PT. Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah offers a full service of engineering, procurement and construction. We offer up-to-date high technologies in engineering, various vendors who are willing to give best price for procurement and high quality work from A to Z on construction. You can count on SSA when you face dif-cult challenges. With high portfolio of projects and management solutions, SSA encompasses clients to the right direction they should walk on. Your mission is always accomplished with us.

Operator TMC


  • Mengoperasikan jenis dan kapasitas crane sesuai SIO yang dimiliki (A/B/C)
  • Melakukan pemeriksaan dan pengamatan terhadap kemampuan kerja crane serta merawat kondisinya termasuk juga alat-alat piranti keselamatannya dan alat perlangkapan lainnya yang berkaitan dengan bekerjanya crane tersebut (misalnya: Boom naik/boom turun, swing, block naik/turun dll).


  • Menguasai mesin TMC 3 ton.
  • Memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang tersebut ± 3 tahun.
  • Memiliki SIM B1 aktif.
  • Wajib memiliki SIO (Surat Ijin Operator) Migas dan Disnaker.
  • Bersedia di tempatkan di seluruh wilayah di Indonesia.
  • Bekerja keras, memiliki inisiatif.
  • Dapat bekerja di bawah tekanan dan bertanggung jawab.
  • Pendidikan Umum SMA sederajat.
  • Dapat bekerja secara individu maupun team.

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Ditayangkan: 10-May-2018
Tutup pada 24-May-2018

Lowongan Kerja Untuk SMA PT Sepuluh Sumber Anugerah Serang Banten

Lowongan Kerja PT. Tunas Toyota Balaraja Untuk Lulusan SMK
Lowongan Kerja PT. Tunas Toyota Balaraja Untuk Lulusan SMK. We are a Group Company with a line of business in Automotive (car and motorcycle). The development of a significant group for all types of businesses made us one of the leading companies in this field. With the support team and professional workforce in the field so that it makes us more motivated to give their best for the company.


  • Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • proActive
  • Respect
  • InterprEneur

Grand Strategy

  • Top-performing employess
  • Ultimate business process
  • Notable customer service
  • Accessible channels & networks
  • Sustainable growth

Foreman (Tunas Toyota Balaraja)

Job Descriptions:

  • Mendiagnosis kerusakan mobil
  • Memerintahkan mekanik untuk memperbaiki kendaraan
  • Menganalisa masalah mobil
  • Mencari solusi untuk perbaikan kendaraan
  • Memimpin mekanik dengan membimbing dan mengawasi
  • Menjamin kualitas perbaikan
  • Menjaga kepuasaan pelangan
  • Memberi input ke SA tentang perpaikan kendaraan pelanggannya


  • Pendidikan minimal SMK Otomotif / Sederajat
  • Berpengalaman sebagai Mekanik minimal 3 tahun
  • Level Training Diagnose minimal 1
  • Menguasai komputer, IT I, dan GTS
  • Memiliki SIM A
  • Berorientasi pada kepuasan pelanggan
  • Mampu menjalin relasi yang baik dengan orang lain
  • Mampu bekerja dalam tim
  • Percaya diri
  • Memiliki kemampuan negosiasi dan komunikasi yang baik

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Ditayangkan: 10-May-2018
Tutup pada 24-May-2018

Lowongan Kerja PT. Tunas Toyota Balaraja Untuk Lulusan SMK

Lowongan Kerja Teknisi Servis Tangerang Untuk SMK - D3 Tehnik Elektro

Lowongan Kerja Teknisi Servis Tangerang Untuk SMK - D3 Tehnik Elektro pada PT Printech Prakarsa Mandiri. Sekilas tentang perusahaan ini. PT. Imajindo Raya Utama didirikan pada tahun 1995. Pada tahun yang sama, kami mengakuisisi distributor resmi IMAJE (kemudian dikenal sebagai Markem Imaje), sebuah perusahaan dari Perancis mengkhususkan diri dalam produsen produk global seperti peralatan identifikasi produk untuk kemasan kelas konsumen.

Kami secara resmi dikenal sebagai PT. Imajindo Raya Utama. Ketika perusahaan berevolusi dan berkembang, pada tahun 2003, PT Imajindo Raya Utama menetapkan PT. Printechindo Raya Utama dan menjadi distributor terakreditasi MARKEM-IMAJE di Indonesia. Perusahaan ini beroperasi dalam perdagangan langsung beli dan penjualan langsung produk seperti CIJ, Large Character Printers dan Print & Apply.

Sebuah perusahaan bersaudara didirikan pada tahun 2008, PT. Printech Prakarsa Mandiri. Konsentrasi utama bisnis perusahaan ini adalah menyediakan dasar sewa dan bayar-per-cetak dari produk kami.

Membangun kedua perusahaan ini memberi kita kesempatan untuk memberikan perhatian dan upaya ekstra pada aspek bisnis yang berbeda. Meskipun kami dikenal di publik sebagai PRINTECH, kedua perusahaan ini adalah pilar utama bisnis PRINTECH.

Pada tahun 2015, PRINTECH telah memperoleh kemitraan resmi dengan MICROSCAN SYSTEMS. Ini memungkinkan kami untuk menyediakan beragam pilihan produk untuk konsumen kami.

Hari ini kami telah menjadi satu-satunya distributor langsung MARKEM-IMAJE dan mitra produk MICROSCAN yang beroperasi di Indonesia.

PT Printech Prakarsa Mandiri membuka lowongan kerja sebagai service technician untuk ditempatkan di Tangerang. Berikut ini adalah Kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan untuk lowongan ini :

  • Pendidikan minimal: SMK/ STM/ D-3 Teknik Elektronika
  • Mampu analisa masalah dan menyelesaikannya, bekerjasama dalam team, komunikasi yang baik, jujur, tekun, ulet.
  • Penempatan: Tangerang
  • Adapun tugas yang akan diberikan kepada karyawan adalah sebagai berikut

Tugas Service Technician :

  • Bertanggung jawab terhadap semua kegiatan lapangan
  • Mengkoordinasi dan mengelola kegiatan sehari-hari dari Tim Konsultan
  • Menyiapkan program kerja dan pelaksanaan
  • Memobilisasi dan mengontrol tim serta mengkoordinir semua kegiatan

Jika anda memenuhi kualifikasi diiatas, silahkan kirimkan lamaran anda melalui email berikut ini:

Lamaran ditujukan ke email: printech.prakarsa.hrd.sda@gmail.com

Lowongan Kerja Teknisi Servis Tangerang Untuk SMK - D3 Tehnik Elektro

Cheetham Garam Indonesia is an Australian Foreign Company. A Subsidiary of Cheetham Salt Limited, Australia. We are the largest manufacturer of Australian Solar Salt Product in West Java. Our factory is located in Krakatau Industrial Estate, Cilegon, West Java, Indonesia, our refinery utilizes state-of-the-art technology for maximum efficiency and product quality. Using High Quality and Purity Salt as our raw material, our product comply with international quality standard ISO 22000.
Now we opened for position
Safety Supervisor
  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Environmental/Health/Safety), Engineering (Mechanical) or equivalent.
  • At least 5 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Safety Certification is a must, Proficient in Microsoft office applications, fluently in english
  • Preferably Supervisor/Coordinator specialized in Manufacturing/Production Operations or equivalent.

General Purpose:
Under the direction of the Quality and Safety Assistant Manager , Safety Supervisor will be responsible for providing support to the project management team, supervisors, foremen and workers. This position will provide leadership and coordination of the day-to-day safety requirements.

The Safety Supervisor reports to the Quality and Safety Assistant Manager and is responsible for but not limited to the following:
1. Provide support by maintaining a visible presence to the field performing site visits at least once per shift.
2. assist in the coaching, mentoring and implementation of the Safety programs in the field.
3. Regularly review and be familiar with all applicable legislation and applicable standards to ensure compliance.
4. Develop a compnay Safety Management Plan (SMP) to ensure a safe work environment for all company employees, contractors, visitors and community.
5. Regularly audit the SMP for compliance and update to ensure the alignment with scope company regulation
6. Organize and schedule required safety staff and first aid coverage.
7. Ensure that all incidents are reported immediately.
8. Participate and assist the investigation of incidents to determine root cause, and corrective actions where necessary.
9. Ensure incident corrective actions are followed up on and completed.
10. Ensure injured workers are offered modified duties and documentation has been completed. Monitor and follow up on modified workers in the field.
11. Ensure Safety Advisors are verifying field staff training and competencies; consult the management and QC and Safety Assist Manager for compliance and action plan.
12. Ensure safety boards with postings including but not limited to: Health and safety policy, inspection and audit results, project hazard assessment, location of first aid, etc. Are maintained and current.
13. Ensure that the following material is available and on site, HS&E Manual, the applicable provincial legislation and regulations, site safety inspection forms, observation forms, tailboards and log books, fall protection plans etc.
14. Prepare for, and participate in audits such as SMK3, ISO 45001
15. Coordinate a regular meeting with project safety team to review issues, trends and upcoming conditions or events.

a. Occupational Health and Safety Degree
b. Safety Officer Certificate.
c. Minimum 5 year Health and Safety field experience
d. Minimum 3 year of supervisory experience
e. Proficient in Microsoft office applications
f. The ability to demonstrate the application of risk assessment to company operations and activities. g. Good physical condition
h. Ability to travel

Skills / Knowledge:
a. Excellent Incident Investigation skills
b. Excellent leadership and conflict resolution skills.
c. Effective communication skills
d. Excellent interpersonal skills
e. Ability to perform under stressful conditions
f. Analytical skills
g. Probability and decision making skills
h. Attention to detail and high level of accuracy
i. Effective organizational skills
j. Stress management skills

Send your CV to
PT Cheetham Garam Indonesia, Warnasari, Banten, Republic of Indonesia
Phone +62-254-310317

Lowongan Kerja Cilegon | Safety Supervisor PT Cheetham Garam Indonesia